“Don’t let my disability scare you, let my ability impress you.”
That’s what Kuen Tang likes to say when it comes to describe a little of her life.

             After her vehicle went off a cliff, she became quadriplegic on August 31, 2001
 but that didn’t stop her to accomplish her goals and conquer new challenges. 

She became the first quadriplegic female to earn a Bachelor of Education degree with the
 specialization in Elementary School and the first to utilize Functional Electrical Stimulation (F.E.S) rowing, Kuen is an Ambassador to the Rick Hansen Foundation as well as the first quadriplegic in the world to climb Mount Ha Ling (8000 ft) in Canmore. 
If that wasn’t enough Kuen also wheeled the Great Wall of China!

After helping create an Adapted Cross Country Ski Edmonton program (ACCSE),
allowing people with higher mobility disabilities the opportunity to go cross country skiing, 
she participated in the Birkibiner Ski festival and was the only quadriplegic to ski it. 
She was also the only female to play wheelchair Rugby in Alberta. She has won multiple awards including the Kathleen Hubert’s Speaker of the year award from United Way, an award for female film maker from a California Film Festival and University of Alberta Alumni Award.

Kuen has appeared on 3 popular Chinese television shows called: "Dream of China", "Knock on The Door of Happiness" and most recently "Hear Me World: Chinese Global Debate TV Show" and has appeared on "The purple couch" for the Oprah Winfrey Network Canada.
She is currently working on her book “It’s Serious, But Funny” which is expected to be completed in May 2018. Kuen’s ultimate goal is to help the disability community to gain confidence and strength to leave their homes… to enjoy life again!

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